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September 26, 2014



Dear New CWA Local 1400 Members,


Welcome to CWA Local 1400 - We are thrilled you have chosen us to represent you!


We'd like to give you some basic information about our Local. We have an Executive Board that currently consists of (10) Board Members:


Don Trementozzi, President

Keri Evinson, Executive Vice President

Karen Cusson, Recording Secretary

Sumner Delaney, Treasurer


Theresa Dobson, District 2 VP (Northeastern MA)

Gregg Irving, District 3 VP (Southeastern MA)

Christine Parker, District 4 VP (Western MA)

Serina DeWolfe, District 5 VP (Maine)

Mike O'Day, District 6 VP (Vermont)

Brian Morrison, District 7 VP (NH)


Elections are conducted every (3) years for these positions. The next term begins January, 2014. There is currently an election in progress for the District 2 position. There will also be a new District 4 VP, Tammy Gerrish. All the Officers and the other District Vice Presidents will retain their positions for the new term.


As part of the merger with CWA Local 1365, a Member from OFS will be voted in to be a District Vice President, which will give them a seat on our Executive Board for this new term.


Our Executive Board meets monthly at our Union office in Portsmouth, NH to discuss workplace issues as well as National Union issues and agendas. We hold Membership Meetings for all 1400 members bi-annually every April and October. 


In addition to your bargaining unit, our E-Board Members also represent Verizon Communications, FairPoint Communications and AT&T Mobility workers throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.


To keep all CWA Local 1400 Members informed, we use a National email system (called Salsa). Being a part of this email list is not mandatory; however it is the quickest way to get information to all of our members. A Union official will be requesting contact information from everyone shortly.


Also, please visit our website: which we update regularly.


If you have any questions please call the CWA Local 1400 office at: (603) 436-4388.

Gale Clay is our Receptionist, an IAMAW Local 256 member. 






In Solidarity,


CWA Local 1400 Executive Board