Click on the link below to view/print the 2008-2011 Verizon Contract:

2008 Contract-CWA1400


Click HERE for Verizon 2013 Day Care Reimbursement Information


The Joint Verizon NY/NE CWA - IBEW 2213 Work Family Committee of NY is pleased to announce that the Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund will be reinstated as of January 1, 2013.


All Reimbursement Request Forms Should Be Sent To:
Beverly Steele
Regional Work & Family
120 Hicksville Road
Room 200A
Massapequa, New York 11758


NY/NE Regional Joint Work and Family Committee Website (all forms are located on this site)


2013 Enrollment Application


Monthly Reimbursement Form


2013 DCRF Postmark Deadlines



New Benefit Center

Starting in 2013, Verizon will transition to Zerox HR Solutions. Hewitt will no longer handle Verizon Benefits after December 31, 2012. The NEW Verizon Benefit Center can be reached at 1-855-4VzBens (1-855-489-2367).


Access Annual Enrollment information online at Benefits Connections:


Important Reminder to those who do not have Internet Access or prefer to Call the Benefit Center


If members need any printed materials mailed to their home, call the Verizon Benefits Center at 1-855-4VzBens (1-855-489-2367).



Below you can click on links for several documents from Verizon regarding the 2013 Annual Enrollment:

Your Benefits Connected - Active - (NYNE_Active.pdf)

Your Benefits Connected - Retired - Post 91 - (NYNE_RetPost91)

Your Benefits Connected - Retired - Ret 86-91 - (NYNE_Ret86_91.pdf)

Pre 1986 Retiree - Letter to HCN Participants - (Pre_86_HCN.pdf)

What's Changing -2013 and Beyond - (NYNE_Benefits)

2013 Annual Enrollment Presentation - (2013_Annual_Enrollment)

Welcome Letter to Employees - HRA - (HRA_Welcome_Letter)

Health Care Spending Account -  (HCSA_Ltr.pdf)

Dependent Care Spending Account - (DCSA_Ltr.pdf)


Summary of Benefits and Coverage - (NYNE)

These are the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for each plan that is being offered. This is now a requirement under the Affordable Care Act.

563 - MEP HCare PPO (Rx EUN4) Medicare

563 - MEP HCare PPO (Rx EUN4)

808 - Capital Dist Physicians Health PHN

814 - National EPO NYNE (Rx EUN3)

815 - Anthem HCN (Rx EUN3)

815M - Anthem HCN (Rx EUN3)

817 - UHC Passport

822 - Emblem Health

825 - BlueAlliance NY

827 - Independent Health

843 - Univera Healthcare NY

847 - Aetna Inc HMO


HPE Health Plan Evaluators - (NYNE_HPE)

These are the Health Plan Evaluators (NYNE_HPE) that replace the Health Plan Comparison Charts (HPCC). Members will be able to review all the Plans that are being offered with the Summary of Benefits and Coverage and will be able to see examples on how the plan might cover medical care. By using these examples, members can see how much they may have to pay with each plan. They can then compare different plans.  The HPE compares different plans. For example, the MEP Health Care PPO (Anthem 563) compares three other plans, the HCN (Anthem 815), EPO (Anthem 814) and CDPHN - HMO (Anthem 808).

Option 563 HPE

Option 563 Medicare HPE

Option 808 HPE

Option 814 HPE

Option 815 HPE

Option 815M HPE

Option 817 HPE

Option 822 HPE

Option 825 HPE

Option 827 HPE

Option 843 HPE

Option 847 HPE


To: All New York, New Jersey and New England Verizon

Local Presidents

From: Dennis G. Trainor, Assistant to the Vice President

Date: October 19, 2012

Re: 2012 Monthly Contributions

Contributions for Verizon medical coverage will become effective November 1, 2012…