Town of Westford

September 6, 2022

Town of Westford/CWA Local 1400 Members,

Today your bargaining team met with the Town’s representatives for the first time since May 18th. The reason for the delay is because the town had walked away from the bargaining table and had declared an impasse. The Union hired an attorney to represent the bargaining unit/ToW workers at the State of MA Dept of Labor hearing. The ruling was to get back to the bargaining table for at least 3 more sessions and it was ruled that an impasse was not reached.

CWA and the Town reviewed the previous proposals, and we also passed a new economic package across the table. The tone of negotiations was respectful and both parties will resume negotiations on September 21st.

We need all of the members to stay united and support the bargaining team as we fight for a fair and equitable contract.

Remember: You’re a Union Member – We’re Union, We’re Proven, Hang Tough!

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team:

Don Trementozzi, President

Keri Evinson-Ciminera, Executive VP

Karen Cusson, Recording Secretary

Christine Parker, District VP

Scott Harkins, Steward

Colin Osgood, Steward

Marilyn Frank, Steward

Charles Schweppe, Steward