2024 CWA Local 1400 Grievance Packet

June 18, 2024: 

If you need to request a grievance number, please fill out the new

Grievance Number Request Form 

and we will email you a response with the requested grievance number.



Once you have heard a grievance at the first step, please fill out the new

1st Step Grievance Status/Escalation to 2nd Step Form



*Please note on the 1st Step Status/Escalation to 2nd Step form, you WILL BE REQUIRED to upload/attach the following documents in order for us to escalate the grievance:


·       The initial grievance meeting request & records request forms that you submitted to management

·       Notes from the 1st step grievance meeting

·       The Grievant's personnel records that you received from the Company

·       The Grievant's statement


* There are free scanner apps that let you convert phone pictures into pdf documents for uploading purposes.

(Pictures are also acceptable if you are unable to convert them to pdf, as long as they are legible  )


Any grievance related questions can be directed to us at